Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves is a nonprofit organisation founded in 1976 in the United States, which today has educational partners in other countries as well. The organization holds the belief that teaching history in the right way strengthens civil society, tolerance and understanding.

Facing History works in a variety of fields such as:
- organizing seminars, workshops and online seminars for educators
- offering materials for use in the classroom
- linking theory to practice through new scholarship, partnerships, and pilot projects
- providing opportunities for adults and students to discuss and reflect on civic engagement, individual and collective responsibility, and tolerance

Under the category "Educator Resources" pedagogues can directly access practical material for their teaching. The material can be organized by theme (alphabetically ordered from Anti-Semitism to Youth and Adolescence), scope and sequence (The Individual and Society; We and They; History; Judgement, Memory & Legacy and Choosing to Participate) or time and place. The term „material“ refers to such different resources as interviews, pictures, book or film recommendations, articles, and parts of books published by Facing History.

These resources are organized into single lessons and units (series of lessons), which demonstrate how the offered material can be used and connected. The units consist of a detailed lesson plan, suggestion for activities, discussion topics, and links to the needed material as pictures, books, maps, web pages, texts etcetera.

All in all the Facing History offers an extensive range of material directly available online.


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