Genocides and Massacres of the 20th Century

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This Encyclopedia Project aims to create a regularly updated electronic database focusing on massacres and genocides of the 20th century. Currently, there is no tool available that documents and classifies our knowledge by continent, country and historical period. The Encyclopedias first objective is to fill this gap by offering reliable historical description and interdisciplinary analysis of both well-documented and less well-known 20th century massacres.

Such a unique database will not only be valuable to scholars, but also the NGO community, international legal experts, policy makers and journalists. Anyone seeking a reliable account regarding a specific case of massacre, in a particular country or on an exact date will now be able to locate the information on the Encyclopedia.

The Online Encyclopedia provides chronological indexes, case studies, analytical contributions on socio-political violence in a given country, a glossary of the terms most often used in genocide studies as well as theoretical papers written by the most representative authors in the field.

The Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence is a work in progress. Every document published on our website presents the highest academic and scientific standards and has to pass six different phases of development before going online for publication.

The official language of the website is English. Therefore, all documents are in English. However, when a document has been translated from another language into English, then the original version will be downloadable in PDF format.

Users can print documents or download the original document as a PDF version.



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