Archival Online Ressources on Contemporary Witnesses of the Holocaust

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Personal testimonies of Holocaust victims from the David P. Boder Archive and the Fortunoff Video Archive.

David P. Boder Archive

In 1946, psychologist Dr. David Boder traveled to Europe to become the first researcher to record the actual testimonies of Holocaust victims. The set of typescripts include 70 of the original 109 interviews that were conducted in 1946 and transcribed into English by Dr. Boder. The Paul V. Galvin Library of IIT identified the collection as primary source material for scholars interested in the Holocaust, as well as a learning tool for the general public, and decided to republish it through the World Wide Web.


Fortunoff Video Archive

Personal testimonies are crucial documents for the education of students and community groups in an increasingly media-centered era. Each tape is made under the supervision of a professional and supportive team. Cataloged and cross-referenced, the tapes are an important addition to the oral and written history of the period. The Archive stands as a living memorial to counteract forgetfulness, ignorance and malicious denial.



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