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The webguide informs about the life of Anne Frank, National Socialism and the Second World War. Anne Frank is one of the 1.5 million Jewish children who were murdered during the Second World War. In the Anne Frank Guide you will not only find information about her life, you can also see what happened in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. The Guide is available at

The Anne Frank Guide is available in six different language versions (French, Czech, Italian, Dutch, German and English). It is designed to develop into a shared data base of students from across Europe.

The web site can be used to retrieve information about the life of Anne Frank, National Socialist society or the course of the Second World War, but it also enables students to present their own projects on the net in order to inform and motivate other young people of the same age.

The portal also offers support for the production of projects or talks about National Socialism. A search engine enables the students to retrieve all information provided by the portal about the specific topic of their choice. They can then edit this information and save it under their own name in order to continue working on it later.

The texts are organised under different topics, either under "Anne Frank" or under the more general history of National Socialism. Headings like "Family" or "Secret Annexe", "Society", or "War" include introductory descriptions and hyperlinks leading to more specific information.

The authors of the web site succeeded in presenting a complex topic in a language that is suitable for students who read about Anne Frank for the first time. The time line provides a good overview of the worldwide events of the war happening at the same time, about the events in Germany and the life of the Frank family.

The web portal is an interesting resource for all multipliers who want their groups to do research on the topic of National Socialism via the Internet, because most students will be able to understand the texts and retrieve information independently. The opportunity to present their own works on the Internet may provide an additional motivation for the students' work.


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