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Content-Author: Ingolf Seidel

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The project “Digital Local Tradition Archive” is a project within the Library Development Program, addressed to librarians of rural and rural-municipal communes and municipal communes with up to 20,000 residents. The project has started in 2009. It consists mostly in in-service trainings for librarians about the documenting and popularizing of the history of the 20th century. 

The main assumptions of the project are:

  • local (gmina) library as a basis and site of operation of social historic archives: gathering source materials (including interviews with eyewitnesses of history) describing the history of local communities;
  • library as a source of activation and integration of local communities (individuals from various generations and also institutions) for collaboration in tasks initiated and coordinated by the librarian at and/or in the library as a local culture centre;
  • the source materials obtained and/or digitized (according to standards) will form the Digital Local Tradition Archive (DLTA) – to be made available at the library (enriching library holdings and making them more attractive);
  • virtualization of materials on DLTA home pages, and the most valuable ones in the Digital Library (dLibra) - will bring the local tradition into a broader cultural context;
  • broad use of documented and digitized historical heritage – also in a traditional way (exhibitions, publications, etc.) – will serve regional promotion, making individual regions more attractive, e.g., in tourist terms; it will also become a basis for other cultural and educational projects – to the extent optimal for the library; 
  • transmission of knowledge and various skills to local librarians – improving their professional skills to strengthen their position and prestige.

The project lasts from 2009 probably till 2013. There will be 120 libraries, which take part on the project. To get to know more information about the project, please visit the website

The Founders:

The Polish-American Freedom Foundation has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help Poland’s public libraries provide access to computers, the Internet, and training. The Library Development Program in Poland is implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation.

The sources.

Found on our Pilish partner website "Learning from History".


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