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Content-Author: Ingolf Seidel

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The project „Whispered Lublin” (Polish language version) is an approach to talk about the history of Lublin of 1989 in a new way. The history is told by people who were involved in organizing the June elections in 1989, which were important for the creation of a civic society, the development of democracy, as well as other political and social changes. Even  more important is that the project is aimed at individual recipients and it takes place within the city space.

„Whispered Lublin” is a new method of guiding around Lublin. The organisers recorded the recollections of 6 people, who are important for the city nowadays and who told  their stories in an appealing way. Then they prepared the website, which allowed for easy download of the recordings/guides for the mp3 player or a mobile phone.

The organisers have prepared an introduction to the city in English– „Lublin for Beginners”. The walk around Lublin is suited for those, who don’t know the city, but also for those who would like to know more about it, learn something about its history - especially the recent one - and visit the places where history actually happened. The walk not only shows monuments, since for people who chose to live in this city – Lublin is a „state of mind”.

More information you can find it here.

What next?

1. Click on the link below with the right mouse button and save it on your disk: Lublin

2. Download the file on your mp3 player or your mobile.

3. Find 60 minutes. Stand in front of the Lublin castle and put on your headphones.

4. Press „play” and let's guide you.

Found on our Polish partner website "Learning from History".


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