ODHIR gathered experts to exchange experiences on an education programme on combating anti-Semitism

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The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) gathered experts from 12 countries in Berlin today to exchange experiences on implementing an education programme on combating anti-Semitism that was co-developed by ODIHR. 

The three-day event, organized jointly with the Berlin-based Center for Research on Anti-Semitism, Anne Frank Zentrum Berlin and Anne Frank House Amsterdam brings together 25 experts who have been involved in running the programme since its inception in 2006.

"Learning about anti-Semitism makes young people understand the destructive consequences of hatred and intolerance and contributes to creating a tolerant and safe environment for all members of society. They can learn from our past for their future," said Norbert Hinterleitner, ODIHR's Adviser on Anti-Semitism Issues.

Over the past four years, ODIHR, the Anne Frank House and national expert groups have developed and customized teaching materials on combating anti-Semitism for use in 12 countries across the OSCE region. The programme also includes training courses and teaching manuals for teachers.

Participants in the meeting also discussed strategies for disseminating the teaching materials and future activities.

ODIHR is tasked by OSCE participating States to advise them in their efforts to combat anti-Semitism. Participating States have repeatedly stressed the importance of education on anti-Semitism and committed themselves to encourage educational programmes in that field.

Source: ODHIR Press Release


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