19th Century Jewish History

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Norbert Reichling, Jewish Museum Dorsten/Westphalia

A Website about Jewish migration from Germany to the United States in the 19th century.

"Eisendrath Stories"

Presented are 20 stories of the great Jewish Family Eisendraht from Dorsten about the migration of members of this family to the United States and partly also Western European countries during the 19th century. This project which had been planned for a long time, but could not be realised until now because of lack of funding and (wo)manpower. It will finally start now as a work in progress. publishing some stories about life in Dorsten, on emigration and about the history and life of this family in the area of Chicago. The website offers historical documents, sources, texts and fotos as well as reports about some of the visits of family members at Dorsten in recent years. Interested descendants of families from Dorsten are invited to search for traces of their family history and to contribute. For 2010, when the city of Dorsten celebrates its nomination as Cultural Capital, a family meeting is planned at Dorsten. The Jewish Museum Dorsten warmly welcomes cooperation and further development of this new website. Link:


Dr. Norbert Reichling
Postfach 100 622
D-46256 Dorsten


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