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The web portal is an interesting resource for multipliers dealing with intercultural communication and intercultural learning. The theoretical texts as well as the projects presented provide important ideas. It is a multi-lingual web portal on education in multi-cultural societies. The web portal, available in Spanish, English and French at is developed and updated by FETE-UGT (Federación de la Enseñanza - UGT). It is supported by IMSERSO (Instituto de Migraciones y Servicios Sociales) and CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Documentación Educativa). The web site aims at creating a virtual space for the discussion of questions related to multicultural education.

The portal "aulaintercultural" is divided into the following sections:

  • “Quiénes somos” (Who are we?), presenting the organisations and institutions involved in the development and support of the web site.
  • “Mapa del sitio” (Site map): this section includes an agenda of the most important events in connection with multicultural education and integration and a comprehensive glossary of teaching/learning materials, projects and contributions (in alphabetical order).
  •  “Qué es interculturalidad” (What is interculturality): definition of the term "interculturality" through an article by Miguel Rodrigo Alsina called "La comunicación intercultural" (intercultural communication).
  • “Descubriendo otras culturas” (Discovering other cultures): this section aims at approaching other cultures to find out the common features we share and to show what we can gain from the aspects that are different in other cultures.

“Herramientas didácticas” (didactical tools): this section consists of the following subsections:

  •  “Contra el racismo” (against racism): this subsection provides articles, a didactical guide, virtual exhibitions against racism and recent publications.
  • “Ludoteca” (games library): provides a selection of games from different cultures for the use in school lessons.
  • “Sonoteca” (audio library): offers musical resources for intercultural communication.
  • “Taller de cuentos” (fairy tale workshop): fairy tales from other cultures

“Experiencias” (experiences): this subsection includes projects on the topics interculturality and integration that were carried out in Spanish schools. The projects are available for download in PDF-format. The following projects are available at present:

  • “Viva la diferencia! Un proyecto de Educación Intercultural en la Escuela Infantil (Long live the difference! An intercultural education project at primary school level)
  • Experiencias de educación intercultural en centros educativos de Andalucía (experiences with intercultural education in educational centres in Andalusia)
  • Interculturalidad a través de la danza (interculturality through dance)


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