600 years of Jewish rural life in (Wald-) Hessen

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Print-, Web- and CD-ROM-presentations of six centuries of Jewish life in the Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg/ Fulda region and Judaica history workshop in the attic of the Jakob-Grimm school in Rotenburg/ Fulda.

The Jakob-Grimm school’s “Arbeitsgruppe Spurensuche” (workgroup “searching for traces”) aims to illustrate the history of the relationship between Jews in the non-Jewish surroundings of our home region with its positive and negative sides by compiling Print- and multimedia-based presentations. For additional visualisation we have presented a Judaica history workshop on location in the attic of the Jakob-Grimm school in Rotenburg. Our entire project also exists as an internet version at:

The Workshop Spurensuche of Jakob-Grimm school has been working on a multimedia presentation of the fate of Jewish communities in the Waldhessen region for a number of years; work title: “Without a trace? 600 years of Jewish rural life in the Hersfeld-Rotenburg region”. The individual chapters of our CD ROM were compiled as modules, which are not yet completed and can be extended at any time. The modules we have created are the result of a long-term project to compile local and regional history - with an emphasis on presenting the “suppressed history”.

Several partial chapters of the project already exist as separate CD ROM’s, which are distributed through bookshops:

  • „Rotenburg during the revolution of 1848 - setting of anti-Jewish excesses”
  • „Anti-Semitism with ballots 1918-1932“
  • „The fate of Jews under the Swastika 1933 to 1945. Local traces in the Hersfeld Rotenburg region”


Dr. Heinrich Nuhn
Braacher Straße
Rotenburg a.d. Fulda
Tel.: +49 (0) 6623 2482
Mail: h [dot] i [dot] nuhn [at] gmx [dot] de


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