Interactive DVD: Auschwitz on Stage

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DVD "Auschwitz auf der Bühne. Peter Weiss. 'Die Ermittlung' in Ost und West", published by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, 2008, 6 €

Examining details of photo-graphic or facsimile documents by means of an enlarging function enables the user to dig deeper and deeper into the debate, affording the feeling of exploring an archive. The DVD-Video shows the dramatised readings of the war-crime trials, and includes biographical film material of the actors and the defendants they portray. Offering a diversity of media and pedagogic resources, this DVD duo is designed to be used in schools, universities and adult education.

With its unique collection of historical sources and documents, some of which previously unpublished, the breadth and depth of this DVD-ROM is outstanding. The material is cleverly presented in such a way as to allow for casual and linear viewing, but at the same time enables the user to explore this debate and the roots of the sources in depth. With its diversity of media and array of pedagogic resources, Auschwitz on Stage is not only an invaluable educational tool, but also provides captivating viewing for a more general audience, particularly among the younger generation.

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