The gipsy camp at Salzburg-Maxglan (1939-1943)

In 1939 the national socialist authorities createt a so-called gipsy camp in Salzburg. About 230 Sinti and Romanies werde imprisoned there. Men, women and children were forced into hard labour.

Remembering means working. About the remembrance of Sinti and Romanies, who died during the nazi terror

Has Austria learnt its lesson from history? What about Austria’s part of responsibility for the Holocaust? Developments on the local level indicate the country’s temper very well.

Network Europe - Fall of the Wall - 20 years on

A Network Europe Special on 9 November 2009, live from the heart of Berlin and marking 20 years since the start of the fall of the Wall. In this edition:

David Swatling - A Train to Sachsenhausen

Many ceremonies in the Netherlands on 4 May commemorate the victims of World War II.

Lessons from the Holocaust

Dr. Robert Fisch survived the Holocaust and the Hungarian Revolution (Yellow Star Foundation) Retired University of Minnesota physician Dr.

Two survivors tell their stories on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Two girls, Sabina Zimering and Lucy Smith, hid from the Nazis in Poland during World War II. They survived the Holocaust and live in Minnesota today.

Reflections on the Holocaust

Holocaust survivor, Nobel Peace Prize winner and author Elie Wiesel reflected on his experiences in the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald in a recent interview with radio producer Lar

Unsilenced: GLBT and Jewish Voices of the Holocaust

St. Paul, Minn. — By far the largest group persecuted during the the Holocaust was Jewish.

Remembering the Holocaust

A Holocaust survivor and her daughter talk about memory and how future generations will remember the event.

Recounting the Holocaust by podcast

Little Canada, Minn. — History is relayed in many forms: first-person stories, books, film, TV, radio. Until now, the iPod has not been much of a gateway to history.

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