10th Annual Southern California Teacher Forum on Holocaust Education

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in cooperation with the School of Education at Loyola Marymount University, will hold the 10th Annual Southern California Teacher Forum on Holocaust

International Conference on Education for Peace, Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development: Towards a Paradigm Shift

Education, although a right in itself, often tends to be the privilege of a few in almost all societies, irrespective of the levels of economic growth and social development.

International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation

The general aim of the conference is to promote international collaboration in Education and Research in all educational fields and disciplines.

International Human Rights Education Conference "Educating for Human Rights, Peace and Intercultural Dialogue

The conference has been organised in response to the UN World Programme for Human Rights Education to advance the human rights education, in particular in Australia and Asia Pacific region.

2nd Global Conference: Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners

This multi-disciplinary project seeks to explore the crucial place that strangers, aliens and foreigners have for the constitution of self, communities and societies.

Conference: Cities and Urban Spaces: Chances for Cultural and Citizenship Education

This year's NECE conference refers to radical changes in European cities: migration and mobility tend to undermine the cohesion in many urban societies.

Conference "Archives on the Web"


The evolution of a virtual world within the world-wide-web marks the beginning of a general change in many aspects of our daily life and brings new challenges.

Method workshop for Professionals in the Field of German-Israeli Youth Exchange

ConAct offers a method workshop for Professionals in the Field of German-Israeli Youth Exchange.

Conf.: Objects and Emotions — Loss and Appropriation of Jewish Property — International Workshop

On 26-27th July in London the German Historical Institute London and the Leo Baeck Institute London are organising the International Conference related to the topic: „Objects and Emotions &

Contemporary Antisemitism in Higher Education

This workshop builds on the 2008 workshop "Studying Antisemitism in the 21st Century" and reflects the documented increase in contemporary antisemitism on many college and university

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