Conference: Global Antisemitism: A Crisis of Modernity

The International Association for the Study of Antisemitism (IASA) is a newly formed professional association, which aims to represent scholars and intellectuals engaged in the study of antisemit

English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse (1871 - 1945)

The Historical Discourse Working Group would like to announce its first international conference ENGLISH AND GERMAN NATIONALIST AND ANTI-SEMITIC DISCOURSE (1871 - 1945) to be held at Queen Mary,

Conference: Scandinavia during the Nazi period and the “Operation Bernadotte”. Events and Memory

Shortly before the liberation of the Neuengamme concentration camp, it became an assembly camp for Danish and Norwegian prisoners from German concentration camps and prisons.

Conference: 'Space, Identity and National Socialism'

National Socialism is often associated with a rebirth of ultra-nationalism and the creation of a centralised totalitarian state.

International Youth Exchanges Central Europe - Southeast Europe as Contribution to Reconciliation and Lasting Peace in Europe

36 girls and boys aged 15 to 16 years, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, Poland and Serbia are invited to participate in the next CAMPUS15 Summer Camp about human rights

History in Memory. An Introduction to the academic use of video-interviews with survivors of the Ravensbrück Women’s Concentration Camp

As one of only a few institutions in Europe, Freie Universität Berlin provides access to two important Oral History archives, the "Visual History Archive of the Shoah Foundation Institute

Conference: Designs for Learning

Towards a new conceptualization of learning.

2nd international conference 2010

Solidarity Academy for young people from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe

The Solidarity Academy is a seminar directed to young people from Poland and from Central and Eastern Europe.

16. Workshop on the history of concentration camps: New perspectives from concentration camp research – location, occurrence, commemoration

The May 2010 conference, to be held in Auschwitz/Oświęcim, forms part of the series of annual meetings on the history of Nazi concentration camps started in 1994 (with exemption of 2009), organised

Lecture by Rifat Bali: The Founding Myths of Turkish Antisemitism

Until recently the Republic of Turkey presented itself as a country where no tradition of antisemitism existed.

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