International Conference: Forced labour in Hitler's Europe

During World War II, the National Socialist regime deployed and exploited millions of forced labourers in the German Reich, the Axis nations and countries under German military occupation.

Conference: Warsaw - the History of a Jewish Metropolis

The organizers of this academic venue hope to encourage new visions of Warsaw, which was one of the most dynamic metropoles in modern Jewish history.

Lecture: "Confronting Fascism in Egypt: Dictatorship Versus Democracy in the 1930s"

Modern Egyptian intellectual history, composed by both Egyptians and non-Egyptians (mainly Western scholars), tend to emphasize the pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi positions and attitudes on the part of

International Symposium: European Muslims' Perceptions of the Holocaust.

The symposium explores contemporary perceptions of European Muslims of the Holocaust. What knowledge do European Muslims have about the Holocaust and how do they see it?

Conference: „Aryanization” and the Spoliation of Jews in Nazi Europe (1933–1945)

The conference: „Aryanization” and the Spoliation of Jews in Nazi Europe (1933-1945) aims to compare the Aryanization policies throughout Nazi Europe with special regard to the local

Schools History Project Conference

Why you shouldn’t miss the 2010 Schools History Project (SHP) Conference.

Online Workshop Facing History and Ourselves for Edudators

From 7 to 14 April 2010, Facing History and Ourselves' online workshop for Educators 'Civic Dilemmas: Religion, Migration, and Belonging will be organized.

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