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How can I increase the font size on my browser?

Windows users can normally change the font size on their internet browser by holding down the “Control” key while turning the mouse wheel.

What is an expert chat session?

An expert chat session is a kind of public interview on a particular topic. The speakers are invited external experts, from the fields of scholarship or practice.

Holocaust Education in the Lauder Javne Jewish Community School

Two inseparably interlinked elements of Holocaust education in our school are remembrance and teaching.

Holocaust Education in Hungary


Mónika Kovács, President of the Hannah Arendt Association in Hungary, about Holocaust Education in the context of human rights, Jewish history and antisemitism.

Holocaust Education in the Czech Republic

The attitude of the majority of the Czech population is a rather indifferent one toward the topic of the Jewish minority.

Holocaust Education in Slovakia

Short Analysis of the Representation of the Second World War and the Holocaust in Slovakian History Textbooks for Schools.

National Socialism and the Holocaust. Remembrance and the Present

A Project of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (bm:bwk).

Teaching and Learning about WWII, Holocaust and Genocide in the Netherlands

Ton Zwaan, Member of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Amsterdam, gives an insight about the topic of Holocaust Education in the Netherlands.

Teaching the Holocaust in German Schools

Information on the treatment of the Holocaust in various German Federal States.

Education about National Socialism and the Holocaust

An article by Annegret Ehmann and Hanns-Fred Rathenow, scholarly experts on Holocaust Education in Germany.

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