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The United States Holocaust Memorial and the ITS Digital Archive

The United States Holocaust Memorial is one of the ITS international partner organisations. Elizabeth Anthony (USHMM) is presenting some results which arised from the collaboration.

Thomas Buergenthal: A Lucky Child. A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy

The book “A Lucky Child” is Thomas Buergenthal's autobiography, which was published in 2007. However, he began the book with: “This book should probably have been written many years ago, when the events I describe were still fresh in my mind.” The autobiography of a child, surviving the holocaust, bears an irreplaceable piece in the mosaic of testimonies of countless innocent victims.

Memory work and unsettling empathy: Two essential components in intercultural encounters

In-depth examination: In intercultural encounters, mechanisms of social exclusion, traumatic memories, and collective representations of national history overlap. Björn Krondorfer shows how these dynamics can be constructively engaged with in reconciliatory processes.

Educational strategies against Antisemitism

In-depth examination: In educational work against Antisemitism, a distinction can be made between four educational strategies. Each one has different possibilities, limitations, and unique challenges…

Anti-discrimination efforts as an integral purpose of international youth work

For discussion: It's often assumed that at international youth meetings, young people should primarily be learning about different ways of life in different countries. But from a diversity-conscious perspective, that approach falls short.

History project work and projects in the subject of history

For discussion: What exactly is project work, anyway? What are potential challenges in leading and facilitating project work? What are the specific steps and learning opportunities?

Discrimination and marginalization as topics of international project work – or: What do youth exchange projects accomplish?

For discussion: "Don’t give discrimination a chance!" is printed in bright colors on a poster at a comprehensive school. Paul asks what discrimination is, anyway... Maria, two years his junior, is bored by it: "Why should I care?" The scenario is not unrealistic for a German schoolyard.

Digital Local Tradition Archive


The project “Digital Local Tradition Archive” is a project within the Library Development Program, addressed to librarians of rural and rural-municipal communes and municipal communes w

Intolerance, Prejudice and Discrimination - A European Report

An analysis of anti-democratic mentalities in eight European countries prepared by Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick, Dr. Beate Küpper and Andreas Hövermann for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Project on Combating Right-wing Extremism (Forum Berlin).

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