"Our Victims Do Not Count". The Third World and the Second World War

Their actions at war do not appear in history books, and their fallen soldiers are listed nowhere.

The Shoa in Ukraine

Drawing on new archival sources from the former Soviet Union and bringing together researchers from Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the United States, The Shoah in Ukraine she

Late Ottoman Genocides

The Armenian Genocide has lately attracted a lot of attention, despite the Turkish government's attempts at denial.

Historical-Political Education in Teachers' Training

The publication under review is a compilation of 22 different contributions on the importance of the topic National Socialism and the Holocaust for the training of teachers in Germany and worldwide

My Story, Your Story, Our Story. A History Project in Namibia

Namibia's history was characterised by colonisation and apartheid during the years 1884 to 1990.

Genocides and Massacres of the 20th Century

This Encyclopedia Project aims to create a regularly updated electronic database focusing on massacres and genocides of the 20th century.

600 years of Jewish rural life in (Wald-) Hessen

Print-, Web- and CD-ROM-presentations of six centuries of Jewish life in the Bad Hersfeld-Rotenburg/ Fulda region and Judaica history workshop in the attic of the Jakob-Grimm school in Rotenburg/ F

Namibia 1904-2004: Herero Land is Ours

A collection of materials on the anti-colonial resistance struggle in Namibia. For confirmation lessons, junior and senior high school level and adult education.

Teaching About Genocide

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides five guidelines for teaching about genocides on

Interactive DVD: Auschwitz on Stage

Examining details of photo-graphic or facsimile documents by means of an enlarging function enables the user to dig deeper and deeper into the debate, affording the feeling of exploring an archive.

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