Centropa - A web portal about Jewish Life in Eastern Europe and beyond

Centropa is an oral history project that combines old family pictures from the 19th and 20th centuries with the stories that go with them.

Digitalization of the Magnus Hirschfeld Yearbook

The ROSA ARCHIV (Pink Archive) started with the digitalization of the "Yearbooks of sexual intermediaries with special consideration of homosexuality" which Dr.

Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals

Online exhibition, dating from 2003, examines the campaign of persecution and violence against the homosexuals of Germany.

Memorial Book for the victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna in 1938

This online accessable database contains roughly 2,200 names and short biographies of victims, who were persecuted, driven away and/or murdered - as jews and/or for political reasons, professors

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First you need to register with the portal. As a registered user, you have full access to the “Participating & Networking” area, where you can make an announcement yourself.

Can this portal help me to find out about my family members?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with your search. We recommend that you approach the relevant archives with your enquiry.

Are the users’ contributions and comments monitored?

In order to ensure a high-quality portal and to avoid misuse, all contributions and comments are checked by the editorial team before going online. Thank you for your understanding.

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Windows users can normally change the font size on their internet browser by holding down the “Control” key while turning the mouse wheel.

What is an expert chat session?

An expert chat session is a kind of public interview on a particular topic. The speakers are invited external experts, from the fields of scholarship or practice.

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