Book Review: Vasily Grossman - The Road

The “Road” edited and presented by Robert Chandler brings together short stories, journalism, essays, and letters by Vasily Grossman, the author of “Life and Fate”, provid

World Wars in depth

Our world has been shaped by two all-consuming conflicts - and by a global superpower stand-off that brought the world to the brink of destruction. The website is a supply from BBC History.

Teaching with Audio Podcasts

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) offers ideas and resources how to teach with audio-podcasts.

DVD - The Unknown Soldier

In this astonishing documentary, Michael Verhoeven unearths the long-buried truth behind the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazi regime, while simultaneously showing modern Germany in

Historiana - a web tool for teaching history

Historiana is an initiative of EUROCLIO, the European Association of History Educators in which an online, interactive, multimedia tool will be developed on the learning and teaching of common th

German history in documents and images

German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) is a comprehensive collection of primary source materials documenting Germany's political, social, and cultural history from 1500 to the present.

Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Since 1981, Dr. Sidney Bolkosky, Professor of History at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has interviewed Holocaust survivors.

Dossier: Constructing Remembrance

A website by the Goethe Institute about the construction of remembrance in Germany and other European countries.

Website and CD-ROM about GULAG in German

The Website describes the Soviet penal labor camp system and provides information about political persecution in the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR.

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