Anti-Racism Project For Unemployed Youth

Since 1998, unemployed youth have been researching Jewish history in their home town of Freiberg and neighboring Czech cities as part of a job qualification program to become "specialists for

A Jewish Cemetery in Germany Tells its Story

Over a period of six weeks, students from Bonn studied the Jewish Cemetery in Schwarzrheindorf. The names on the gravestones led to research on the lives of Jewish families.

Paths of Remembrance

Twentieth-century Europe has been marked by dictatorship, war, forced labour and genocide.

How and where can I apply for funding for my project?

Our association, “Learning from History” (“Lernen aus der Geschichte e.V.”), does not offer any financial support for history projects or visits to memorial sites, and we do

How can I announce an event?

First you need to register with the portal. As a registered user, you have full access to the “Participating & Networking” area, where you can make an announcement yourself.

Can this portal help me to find out about my family members?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with your search. We recommend that you approach the relevant archives with your enquiry.

Are the users’ contributions and comments monitored?

In order to ensure a high-quality portal and to avoid misuse, all contributions and comments are checked by the editorial team before going online. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I increase the font size on my browser?

Windows users can normally change the font size on their internet browser by holding down the “Control” key while turning the mouse wheel.

What is an expert chat session?

An expert chat session is a kind of public interview on a particular topic. The speakers are invited external experts, from the fields of scholarship or practice.

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