Preservation of the Train Station at Buchenwald

Since 1990 and the reorientation of the Buchenwald memorial site after German unification, the former train station there has been the focus of many youth projects.

Revisiting the Past

Hesse's Institute for In-Service Training has an on-going program, "Traces of Jewish Life," in which teachers and students meet survivors who have been invited to visit their old hometown

Students inform Students about Auschwitz

In Potsdam, graduating seniors had the chance to produce a video instead of taking an exam.

Study Group "Israel" in Halle

Shortly after the unification of Germany, a study group called "Israel" was formed at the Thomasius Gymnasium in Halle.

Terezin, Children of the Holocaust

Anna Smulowitz, a daughter of survivors of Terezin who emigrated to the United States, wrote "Terezin, Children of the Holocaust" and performed the play with young Americans.

Texts against Amnesia

Students from Mülheim an der Ruhr planned a one-week writing workshop. In preparation for it, they organized a research project about Jewish life in their town.

"That Everything has been so Authentic ..."

Students from Berlin have visited the former concentration camp at Majdanek, Poland annually since 1989.

The Treasury and Tax Department and the Perscution of the Jews

Since 1992, the memorial and educational center at the House of the Wannsee Conference has offered seminars for civil service employees in tax administration.

Trains to Death

Since 1973, Hanover's Association of Christian Students has worked with youth groups in a simulation game about railroads and the deportation of victims to concentration camps.

Visiting the Moringen Youth Camp

Young people in a club in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania often felt left out because they were nonconformists.

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