Everybody has a Name

The Commemorative Book Project for the Old Synagogue in Essen offers citizens, school classes and youth groups a way to identify personally with the fate of one of the 3,500 local victims of the Nazi regime.

Exploring Flossenbürg Camp and Region

The Association for the Former Concentration Camp Flossenbürg organizes projects about the role of the camp in the Nazi era.


After reading "Friedrich," a book for young people written by Hans Peter Richter, students interviewed eyewitnesses from their hometowns.

From Euthanasia to "Final Solution"

Nursing education in Germany includes on-the-job training and a part-time vocational school.

German and Israeli Students Meet

Thanks to a city-to-city partnership with Ashdod, Israel, students from Berlin-Spandau went on a two-week trip to Ashdod, where they lived with Israeli families.

"Jews are not Welcome in this Town"

In a literature class, students read about the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Learning and Working in Sachsenhausen

Soon after German unification, vocational students and teachers from Bremen read in the newspaper about the sorry condition of the former concentration camp at Sachsenhausen and decided to help res

Let's Make a Concentration Camp Visible

The site of the Kaufering XI concentration camp was buried within the town limits of Landsberg, Bavaria. Local students worked to convince the town to make the site visible.

Lights in the Darkness


In 1973, the Körber Foundation began the "Students Competition on German History for the President's Award." In 1996, the focus was on the history of helping in Germany.

Nothing to be Sneezed at

At Berlin's Heinrich-Zille school, students aged nine to twelve developed a project focusing on Wilhelm Lehmann, who was murdered in Plötzensee in 1943.

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