"Who, if Not Us"

In 1992, graphic artist Silvia Izi began a project called "Student Art Against Violence and Racism," working with students of different ages at all types of schools.

Workshops against Racism & Intolerance

Teachers and students in the Tellkampf School in Hanover studied the life and culture of Sinti and Roma.

A Memorial for a Sinti Family

At a school in Schorndorf, Baden Württemberg, students studied the consequences of an ideology based on ideas of racial superiority and disdain for human life.

Accepting responsibility - building bridges

"Action Reconciliation Service for Peace" was founded in Berlin in 1958 on a Germany-wide basis. After unification, the varying approaches of local groups were unified.

Alienated in Germany

Students from Bad Iburg produced "Being Foreign," a film about the experience of foreigners in Germany since 1900.

Bicycling the Death March Trail

In 1996, an umbrella organization of youth groups in Schwerin along with "Memorial Work in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania" began offering bicycle tours in order to encourage interest in th

Booksellers and the Book Market in Nazi Germany

In 1997, the memorial and educational center at the House of the Wannsee Conference organized its first seminar for people training to become booksellers.

Breitenau: Research in Local History

Unlike Buchenwald, Ravensbrück or Dachau, where foreigners and Germans were imprisoned together, the concentration camp in Breitenau was used primarily for Germans from Hesse and Thuringia.

Discovering Barrack 9 at Bergen-Belsen

Given increased xenophobia and right-wing violence, youth associations in Lower Saxony have been looking for new ways to motivate youngsters to confront and come to terms with National Socialism.

Documenting Life in Gotha

At the beginning of the 1996 school year, the city of Gotha initiated a student research project entitled "Jewish Citizens in Gotha." The purpose was to motivate students to conduct local

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