People under the Terror of National Socialism

Students at Paul-Klee High School collect regional and local historical facts on the subject of forced labor in Gersthofen, amongst others in the former IG Farben subsidiary "Transehe" in

People With Learning Difficulties Work at the Hadamar Memorial

The Hadamar Memorial is dedicated to the victims of the National Socialist "euthanasia" crimes.

Persecution of Sinti & Roma

Two ninth-grade special education classes studied the history of Sinti and Roma in Bremerhaven, making comparisons between lifestyles at the turn of the century, during the Nazi period and today.

Physical Culture & Aesthetic Norms in Nazi Germany

Apprentice hairdressers attended a seminar at the House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial and Educational Center.

Picture Post Reporter

Broadwater is a state school for young people of all abilities between the ages of eleven and sixteen. Our fourteen year-old students study the Holocaust in mixed ability teaching groups.

Prosecuting Perpetrators: Reenacting Interrogations

After meeting the American jurist Robert Kempner, students mounted an exhibition on the life and work of the former co-counsel at the Nuremberg Trials.

"Silent Witnesses"

In reaction to an arson attack on the Death March Museum and the desecration of the Memorial in the forest of Below in the autumn of 2002, a series of seminars on the topic "The Death March in

Student Projects in the Memorial Majdanek

12th-grade students have traveled to Poland since 1996 in order to complete a work experience in the Majdanek memorial in Lublin as part of their history study course.

"Dig Where You are Standing"

Students began by surveying classmates about their knowledge of the Malchow concentration camp, a sub-camp of Ravensbrück.

The Destiny of East European Forced Labourers, Convicts and Prisoners of War

Supported by the Memorial, students compile a data base of biographical data of former forced labourers and prisoners of war in the region.

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