Living with the Memory

In cooperation with the Russian organization "Memorial"/St.

Local Historical Research on forced Laborers

On the grounds of the former Pulp and Rayon Staple Factory Wittenberge, there was a branch of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp. Prisoners were forced to work in this factory.

Look Back on Perpetrators, Victims, Bystanders & Rescuers

Students examined the social structure of Nazi Germany and the persecution of Jews in the period between 1933 and 1938.

Loyal neighbours or enemies?

The project presented here is a contribution to the 6th history competition organised by the Stefan-Bathory-Foundation and the Karta Centre under the title "Strangers Among Us – Experien

Mass Murder of the Aged & Infirm

The Bernburg memorial offers materials to teachers to help them prepare their students for a first visit to the site.

Memento. The Children's Concentration Camp at Litzmannstadt

The point of departure for the search of to students for traces in local history was the "Memorial of the Broken Hearts", commemorating the so-called detention camp for Polish juveniles,

Model International Criminal Court

A pilot project in Kreisau/Krzyzowa (Poland) brings together young people to have a closer look into the issues of human right violations, genocide and crimes of war, using the method of simulating

Music in the Women’s Concentration Camp of Ravensbrueck

The students learned about the importance of creativity for survival in the camp through personal stories and biographies, especially through the example of Czech music teacher Ludmila Peška

Neighbours: Strangers or Friends?

In two joint workshops, Czech and German students investigate the stereotypes and prejudice the two nations have of each other.

On the Road with Israel Loewenstein

Students at junior secondary level of a Hauptschule with partly xenophobic attitudes meet a Holocaust survivor and experience how discrimination and persecution determine the lives of the victims u

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