Történelem/ Autobiographic Memories

An example for Holocaust Education in an English language class in Hungary.

Lili and Anikó

It has always been important in any era, in any society and for any community to make younger generations acquainted with the past of the community they belong to.

"We Are a Part of History!" A Project at the German-Namibian School in Windhoek

During the commemoration year of 2004, students at the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule in Windhoek investigated the genocide of the Herero and Nama peoples in 1904.

Worldwide Overview of Institutions and Museums in Commemoration of Nazi Victims

This overview of institutions throughout the world that deal with the history of the Holocaust has been created by the Topography of Terror Foundation.

Forcibly Koelsch - Students from Cologne and Rotterdam Investigate Biographies

Students (17-18 years old) from different Cologne and Rotterdam schools interview former forced labourers and record their life stories for an exhibition on forced labour in Cologne.

Facing History and Ourselves

This non-profit organization helps teachers in the USA plan lessons on such topics as the Holocaust or America's Civil Rights Movement.

Anne-Frank-Centre Berlin

The Anne Frank Centre provides materials, seminars and training for young people and adults in the areas of historical/political education and intercultural learning.

Topography of Terror

The mission of the Topography of Terror Foundation is to provide historical information about National Socialism and its crimes.

Istoreco Reggio Emilia

Institute for the history of the Italian Resistenza and the contemporary history of the Reggio Emilia.

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