Canal de Youtube de Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem es la institución líder en educación, estudio, conmemoración, investigación y documentación sobre el Holocausto y contiene el mayor repositorio

Remembrance Education in Belgium

By Michel Hérode, Herbert Ruland and Marjan Verplancke are writing about remembrance education in Belgiums Dutch, French and German speaking communities.

Forced Labor in Germany

Since 1994, students of the Sophie Scholl High School have been researching the history of their school during World War II.

Friedrich Mennecke: A "Euthanasia" Physician

In Cologne, students in a class on educational methods decided to delve deeper into the subject of the authoritarian character by taking an in-depth look at Friedrich Mennecke, the physician respon

From Berlin to Lodz and Auschwitz

To learn about the deportation of Jews from Berlin to Lodz and Auschwitz, students read eyewitness reports and local history.

From Name to Number

Relying on specialized literature, SS documents, and prisoner sketches, students from Lower Saxony reconstructed the arrival procedures at five concentration camps.

History Houses

"History Houses" are part of a local history research project centered on Brandenburg in 1945.

Impressions After A Field Trip

Students from Neunkirchen took a trip to Struthof, the concentration camp located just across the French border. Before going, the students studied the camp's history and spoke with an eyewitness.

Incident at Brettheim, 1945

Students from Rothenburg ob der Tauber made a film about Brettheim in the last days of the war. In it, survivors recall SS atrocities and the arrival of U.S. troops.

Investigating a School's Name

After the unification of Germany, the Wilhelm Hammann School in Thuringia was directed to change its name.

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