Kisses to the Children

The film "Kisses to the children" by Vassilis Loules narrates the stories of five Jewish children who survived hidden by Christian families during the German Occupation in Greece.

Bereshit – "In the beginning…" A German-Israeli project about forming images of each other

Project: When people are friends, they must sometimes also confront inconvenient truths and live with criticism. Participants in a German-Israeli youth exchange came to this insight.

"Eyes open – mit anderem blick" – A report on Ahava-Love beyond ideology: a transnational project

Project: What empowers people to resist socially accepted discrimination aimed at certain groups? Twenty-eight German and Israeli students examined this phenomenon in history, in both their own and other social environments. Their results were "danceable"…

Stars – beyond borders!

Project: Young Roma and their friends from three countries grappled with experiences of discrimination past and present: An award-winning dance, theater and video project.

4 languages + 2 countries = 1 program

Project: Deaf and hearing youths from Germany and Russia produced a TV show against discrimination.

Ostali – giving a voice to others. A radio project by youths from Sarajevo and Erfurt, on the topic of discrimination in the 20th century

Project: In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the question of religion is still one of the most important questions of all. One’s religion determines one’s political power and personal career. Yet for youths and young adults, the word "Ostali" ("Others") has come to represent taking a stand against the marginalizing effects of this system. 

"It is normal to be different" - Young Europeans with and without Down syndrome facing human rights

Project: Euthanasia and forced sterilization in the Third Reich, social isolation of entire families with handicapped children until late into the 1980s, the inhumane conditions in institutions for the disabled – despite the serious topics, the participants of the project "It is normal to be different" had joy and fun because of the very creative, transnational cooperation. 

"Approaching the unfamiliar…" Urban quests as a participatory method in historical-political education

Methods: In order to build diversity awareness through concrete spatial experiences, get to know the realities of other people’s lives, test or revise one’s own habits, ideas and stereotypes – the interactive method of urban quests is ideal.

School without Racism – School with Courage

In-depth examination: This network of schools is dedicated to dismantling any and all ideologies that attempt to legitimize inequality between human beings. It accomplishes this goal by promoting a host of projects and initiatives...

Empowering or overwhelming? International youth work on exclusion and discrimination at memorials to the victims of the Nazis

In-depth examination: At international youth meetings at memorials for the victims of the Nazis, what are the implications of working with "marginalized groups," or groups who have experienced individual or collective discrimination? 

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