Call for Applications: Bergen-Belsen International Summer School 2019

03. August 2019 - 14. August 2019
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Lohheide - Germany

This year marks the 74th anniversary of the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Since the atrocities committed under the Nazi regime are moving further away from us in time, Bergen-Belsen Memorial is in a continuous process of developing new ways for remembering, researching and teaching the history of Bergen-Belsen and encourage reflection about its significance for the present. This process is heavily influenced by the current political climate, as well as by the fact that memory and remembrance are becoming increasingly digital and transnational phenomena.

During this year’s Bergen-Belsen International Summer School, that will take place from 3-14 August 2019, we will focus on the concept of transnational memory and its influence on the way we remember and teach the Holocaust and other mass atrocities. Participants are expected to develop their own ideas and express themselves in different ways. Activities may include writing short texts, photo- and videography and social media.We aim to gather young academics in their master- or PhD studies and/or young professionals at the beginning of their careers with an affinity for Holocaust- Genocide- and Memory Studies and (political) education. We encourage applications from people working in the creative industry. 

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