Once upon today... in Europe. An international training on how to work with historical narratives in non-formal youth education

15. April 2016 - 21. April 2016
Ort oder Sender: 

Krzyzowa - Poland

What if it was all just a very good story? Half true, half made up, partly touching on our personal memories and experiences, and partly reflecting the history of our communities and societies. With the project “Once upon today...” we are inviting participants to think about history, memory, and identity in this imaginative way. Not as something given, but as crafted stories.... gripping stories.

In 2016, “Once upon today.. in Europe” focuses on issues of belonging and identity in Europe: What narratives about Europe are prevalent in different local, national or other commemorative cultures? How do they end up being what they are? Which aspects are suppressed and which ones highlighted? And how can institutions for history education and active citizenship deal with these questions in a way that brings people together? With regard to these questions, new methods such as digital storytelling will be applied.

The training consists of two parts. During the first part, 29 participants from Estonia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine will intensively deal with historical narratives about Europe that exist in different local, national or other commemorative cultures. During this training from April 15-21, 2016, they will discuss these issues, exchange their experience and methods and develop new approaches.

After the training, participants will use this expertise to carry out small projects with young people to discover hidden and interesting stories in their home towns. Up to four young people from each country and their trainer (hence a former participant of the international training) will have the possibility to take part in an international youth meeting in Krzyżowa (03.-08.10.2016).



Project venue

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe Krzyżowa 7
58-112 Grodziszcze

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