BarCamp "(Hi)stories of resistance"

31. October 2014 - 04. November 2014
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A German-Greek-Polish barcamp dealing with the topics of opposition and resistance in present and past. 

 “(Hi)stories of Resistance“ is a German-Greek-Polish barcamp dealing with these questions and more relating to the topics of opposition and resistance in present and past in various contexts. If you are an activist, scientist, artist, practitioner or just interested in dealing with these questions, join the trinational barcamp from 31.10. to 04.11.2014 at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyżowa (PL). We are going to look at the topic of opposition and resistance through different approaches (scientific, artistic, creative, personal etc.) and focal points (human rights, education for sustainable development, civil society, gender issues etc.)


Krzyżowa (PL)



Coordinator Contact Info

Name: Carolin Wenzel 
E-mail: wenzel [at] kreisau [dot] de 
Phone:0049 30 53836363 

For more information see flyer in "Downloads"