EUROCLIO's 21st Annual Conference, Ohrid 2014 - History Education beyond Borders - How can we share our Cultural Heritage?

31. March 2014 - 06. April 2014
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Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

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History Education beyond Borders - How can we share our Cultural Heritage?

EUROCLIO – The European Association of History Educators and ANIM - The History Teachers Association of Macedonia announce the 21st EUROCLIO Annual Conference and Professional Development Course: "History Education beyond Borders - How can we share our Cultural Heritage?” on 31 March – 6 April in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture of Science, Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Macedonia are also supporting the annual conference.  ANIM is an interethnic association that works on responsible and innovative history education in Macedonia and the region. ANIM works together with History Teachers Associations in the region for history for peace, stability and democracy through multiperspective approaches in the project ‘History That Connects the Western Balkans’. The programme aims to support responsible history and citizenship education in the Western Balkans as a way to contribute to the development of democratic local to global citizenship. Their work has proven to have a big impact on stimulating interethnic dialogue and peace in the region. The upcoming publication of history education modules within the History that Connect project will be launched in Ohrid.

The Training Course is open to policy makers, teachers, researchers, graduate students, and education specialists in the field of history, heritage and citizenship.

You are invited to come and experience a professional training course with around 200 history, heritage, and citizenship educators from all over Europe and beyond to:

  • Explore rich & challenging history of the Balkans;
  • Engage yourself in important discussions on a multiperspective approach to History and Heritage in Republic of Macedonia and the region, and History Education beyond Borders in Europe and beyond;
  • Address the shared and layered heritage around Ohrid locally and in the wider region.

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