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Theodor W. Adornosearch for term

1903 - 1969. A member of the "Frankfurt school" and a major German philosopher, emigrated to Oxford University and the United States after 1933, returned to the University of Frankfurt in 1949. His publications are partly philosophical and partly musicological, as well as about sociology, literature and political responsibility.

Synonyms: Adorno
Theresienstadtsearch for term

The German name for the Czech town of Terezin, located about 40 miles from Prague. In mid-October 1941, Theresienstadt was converted into a ghetto for Jewish deportees en route to killing centers in the East. More than 140,000 European Jews (73,000 from Bohemia and Moravia, 42,000 from Germany, 16,000 from Austria, 5,000 from the Netherlands, and a small number from Denmark) were imprisoned in Theresienstadt. Approximately 35,000 Jews died in the ghetto and 88,000 were redeported to the East. Barely 2,000 of the 15,000 children survived. The Soviet Army liberated Theresienstadt on May 8, 1945.

Synonyms: Terezin
Treblinkasearch for term

Killing center on the Bug River northeast of Warsaw in the General Government (occupied Poland). Opened in July 1942, Treblinka was the largest of the three killing centers of Operation Reinhard. Between 700,000 and 860,000 Jews and several thousand Gypsies were killed there. A revolt of the inmates on August 2, 1943 destroyed most of the camp, and it was closed in November 1943.