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Doc. 6: Report about the result of the registration

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Report by the Generalkommissar für Verwaltung und Justiz, 5 September 1941, about the result of the registration in the Netherlands.

The head of the German administration in the Netherlands is seemingly proud of the results of the registration. It is noteworthy that he refers to the register as a "tool for the administration" and includes the numbers of all the registered persons.

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  • Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie, 20, 1260, 77, 1260.


On the deadline of 27 August 1941, the central register of all persons of Jewish blood and mixed Jewish blood in the Netherlands held by the Reich Inspectorate of the Population Register at The Hague, Scheveningscheweg 17, contained:

160,820 individual entries.
Of which: 140,552 Jews
14,549 half-Jews (G I)
5,719 quarter-Jews (G II)

We no longer expect any significant changes to the total number of those required to register. The central register will in future only change as a result of departures resulting from death and emigration, or lastly as a result of correction arising from a rectification procedure, and on the other hand on grounds of birth, immigration or a ruling, whether on application or as a result of a punitive sentence.

The results now collected can be used to assess the outcome of the compulsory registration laid down in the order, as well as for the question of the number of Jews and persons of mixed Jewish blood in the Occupied Dutch Territories.

The most striking and remarkable result of the census and recorded register of Jews and persons of mixed Jewish blood undertaken under Order No. 6/41 is without doubt, besides the initially unexpected relatively low total number, the low number of partial Jews.

Interbreeding between Jews and the Dutch population is low with 19,828 Mischlings of both categories for 139,787 Jews. Only 14.2% of all those who registered are Mischlings. Mischlings make up only about 0.2% of the total population of the Netherlands of around 9 million. There is far less interbreeding than in the German Reich.

With the central register of Jews and persons of mixed Jewish blood held by the Reich Inspectorate of the Population Register in The Hague, we have now created a tool and a central information point for all branches of the administration, polices and judiciary, which I not only recommend but also ask you to use in all relevant cases. The registry entries made by these Dutch authorities do not simply rely on the information given by those required to register, but also include all the decisions made via the Ministerial Department for Internal Administration in dubious cases. [...]

The organisation of the central register is closely integrated with that of the Bevolkingsboekhouding (population bookkeeping) in the Netherlands, which enables the rapid logging of any alterations that may arise (e.g. change of address) and thus guarantees that the registry entries will continue to provide an up-to-date picture of individual cases and for statistical purposes.

Signed Wimmer

Government Secretary

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