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Unconditional devotion to the "Führer" at the cost of justice.

State Secretary Schlegelberger’s letter to Hitler, 24 March 1942


My leader!

When I came into office I asked you to inform me, if a judgement would not find your approval, in order to offer the opportunity to me to take remedial action. I ask your permission to understand the phone-call on Sunday, March 22, in the Schlitt case in Wilhelmshaven* as a fulfilment of this request und express my most profound thanks.
From deep conviction I share your demand, my leader, for the most severe punishment against criminals and I ask you to be convinced that the judges honestly wish to meet this demand.

Permanent instruction aiming at the strengthening of this will and the enhancement of the threat of punishment by law have resulted in a considerable reduction of the number of judgements which are objectionable under this aspect among more than 300,000 judgements per year.

I will permanently strive for still reducing this number considerably and as before I will not be reluctant to take measures concerning the personnel, too, if necessary.

In the case of the construction technician Ewald Schlitt from Wilhelmshaven I have ordered the Superior Reich Attorney to lodge an extraordinary caveat at the Special Court of the Reich High Court. I will inform immediately about the judgement of the special court when it has been passed.

Heil my leader!

signed Dr. Schlegelberger


*Ewald Schlitt, who lived in Wilhelmshaven, a town in North-West Germany, beat his wife when she lost her nerves during an air-raid. She was hospitalized and died in the hospital from an intestinal infection. Ewald Schlitt got a five years penal servitude. After Hitler’s and Schlegelberger’s intervention, he was condemned to death and executed.


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