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Doc. 3: Telegram – "Actions against Jews"

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In the midst of "Reich Crystal Night" Gestapo Chief Heinrich Müller commands the police to tolerate Storm Troopers’ violence against Jews and Jewish institutions and to arrest up to 30,000 Jews.


  • International Military Tribunal, Vol. XXV, 374-PS, pp. 376-378.

Telegram by head of Gestapo, Heinrich Mueller, to all regional Gestapo offices units ordering them not to stop "actions against Jews", 9 November 1938.





Berlin Nue 243 404 9.11. 23.55 – Se –

To all regional Gestapo offices – to Heads or Deputies – This telegram is to be presented immediately and by the quickest route possible.

Secret! –

  1. In a very short time, actions against Jews, in particular against their synagogues, will take place across Germany. They are not to be disturbed, but in consultation with the regular police you are to ensure that plunder and other particular excesses are prevented.

  2. Should important archive material be located in synagogues, this is immediately to be seized.

  3. You are to prepare for the arrest of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 Jews in the Reich. Wealthy Jews in particular should be selected. Further instructions will be issued in the course of the night.

  4. If in the course of the actions, Jews are encountered in possession of weapons, the severest measures are to be taken. For the overall campaign, SS Dispositional Troops and general SS troops can be called upon. Appropriate measures are to be taken to ensure that the action is led by the Security Police. Plunder, theft etc are to be prevented in all cases. For the seizure of materials, you are immediately to establish a connection with the leadership of the responsible SD district or sub-district.

Addendum for the Cologne Gestapo: There is important material located in Cologne’s synagogue. This is to be immediately seized by rapid action in consultation with the SD.
+ Gestapa roem. 2 Müller +



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