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Working towards the "Führer" - an example of "anticipating obedience": 


  • Vierteljahreshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 6 (1958), p. 417.

State Secretary Schlegelberger’s letter to Hitler attached to a letter, written by Schlegelberger to the Reich Minister and Head of the Reich Chancellery Lammers on 10 March 1941

My Leader!

Continuing the work of the late Reich Minister Dr. Gürtner I spend all my energy to integrate the judiciary with all its branches more and more tightly into the National-Socialist state. Given the plenitude of judgements coming in every day, decisions occur from time to time which do not completely meet requirements to be expected. I will take the necessary measures in such cases. In order to eliminate such decisions rapidly, you, my leader, have created the objection pleading for invalidity [Nichtigkeitsbeschwerde] and the extraordinary caveat. In civil law cases the right of the Superior Reich Attorney to apply to the Reich High Court in favour of resumption of proceedings could serve the same purpose, as foreseen in a decree which I have drafted. In order to avoid such wrong decisions from the very beginning the same draft appoints the public prosecutors to take part in civil law cases to make sure that the right of the community of the people will be enforced against the individual interests of the litigating parties. Aside of this, it will remain necessary to lead the judges more and more to the correct way of thinking supportive of the state. For this it would be invaluable, if you, my leader, could resolve upon making me aware if you do not agree with a judgement. The judges are responsible to you, my leader; they are aware of this responsibility and have the firm will, to discharge their duties accordingly. I feel obliged to you, my leader, to warn the judges, if a decision is not conform to the will of the state leadership.


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