Online Module: The Holocaust and Fundamental Rights

Chapter 1: Reflections on human dignity


This is an exercise which aims at reflections leading to a positive definition of human dignity. Looking at violations of human dignity may help to find an understanding of the term that is universally applicable.



1.) Please take a look at the images and comments and find a common heading to the pictures. What is in your opinion their common topic? Instead of finding a headline you could consider terms that fit to your photos.

2.) Life in human dignity includes various aspects, so how would you define it on a personal level for yourself?



  • Constanze Jaiser & Jacob David Pampuch: Ein Schmuggelfund aus dem KZ – Erinnerung, Kunst und Menschenwürde. Projektmappe für einen fächerübergreifenden Unterricht, Berlin: Metropol Verlag 2012.

Photo Credits:

  • Transport of slaves, Notices of Brazil, Walsh, 1831. 
  • Habitat for Humanity/Steffan Hacker. 
  • Flood desaster in Pakistan 2010, Hasnain Kazim, Spiegel Online 19 August 2010.Ahmet Kaya, video still, you tube. 
  • "Make friends, not walls", Dirk Pohl. 
  • Theresia Degener, photo: Zbigniew Pluszynski.  
  • Philip Fleischer, installation in the exhibit at Galerie Tanja Wagner, 2011. 
  • Arne Scharnbeck, 1988. 
  • Angelina Jolie listening to a Bosnian woman, 2010, © UNHCR/Aziz. 
  • Cotton pickers at work, photo: H. P. Cook, Richmond, New York Public Library.  
  • "Cage for humans": Hans-Jürgen Burkard.  
  • "Cybermobbing", Allrecht, 
  • George Soros 2014, 
  • Bessie Smith, Frank Driggs Archive.


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