Video lecture: "Insight and Perspectives from Holocaust Researchers and Historians"

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Content-Author: Ingolf Seidel

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New feature on Yad Vashem website: "Insight and Perspectives from Holocaust Researchers and Historians", offers short insightful lectures on topice of broad interest to public. The videos provide a "visual learning" environment making information easily accessible in an interesting format.

Lectures are available about:

The Auschwitz Bombing Controversity in Context (Dr. David Silberklang)

Icons of the Holocaust (Dr. Robert Rozett)

The Holocaust and the Establishment oft the State of Israel (Dr. Robert Rozett)

The Righteous Among the Nations - A Unique Program (Irena Steinfeldt)

The Nature of Modern Antisemitism (Professor David Bankier)

The Uniqueness of Nazi Antisemitism (Professor David Bankier)

Why Did World War II Break Out? (Professor Yehuda Bauer)

Confronting Holocaust Denial: A Strategy (Ephraim Kaye)

Where Did the Nazis Take the Term "Ghetto" From and Why? (Professor Dan Michman)

Source: Yad Vashem


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