Online Module: The Holocaust and Fundamental Rights

Doc. 1: Clandestine documents from a concentration camp


Contemporary reports on the medical experiments in the Ravensbrueck concentration camp, smuggled out by female Polish inmates.


  • Constanze Jaiser and Jacob David Pampuch: Ein Schmuggelfund aus dem KZ – Erinnerung, Kunst und Menschenwürde. Projektmappe für einen fächerübergreifenden Unterricht [Smuggled Out of the Camp – Memory, Art and Human Dignity, Project Folder for Interdisciplinary Learning], Berlin 2012.

  • Krystyna Oleksy, Irena Polska (ed.): Aby świat się dowiedział ...: Nielegalne dokumenty z obozu Ravensbrück. Panstwowego Muzeum w Oświęcimiu. Oświęcim 1989.

Dear Boys!
We wanted to take this chance to let you know how things are in our camp at the moment. […] I don’t know whether you are aware of the experimental operations in the camp? – Well, from this transport between 1 August 1942 and March 1943, operations were carried out on 71 mostly-young women in perfectly good health. Five died as a result of the operations, the rest survived, but some of them were crippled and will never be able to walk normally again. [...]

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