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Call for Applications for projects on the remembrance of forced labour under National Socialism and forgotten groups of victims

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Content and goals of the programme

Forced labour was one of the mass crimes committed under National Socialism. Over 20 million people from many parts of Europe were affected. Forced labour under National Socialism was an organised crime committed by both the state and society based on a racist idea of man. In addition to the forced labourers, there are many other groups of victims of National Socialist violence who, to this day, have been denied societal attention and recognition in Germany and other European countries. The Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future” is therefore committed to remembering and engaging with this injustice so that it becomes a part of the European culture of remembrance.

We support projects which help build bridges, promoting understanding for a diversity of European cultures of remembrance. For the implementation of a multiperspectival and transnational approach we advocate international cooperations.

What is supported?

We support projects with an international resonance which embed the memory of forced labour and forgotten groups of victims in a country’s culture of remembrance, that of the participating countries or European regions.
In the case of projects for forgotten groups of victims we place a special focus on the remembrance of victims of National Socialist “euthanasia”, the persecution of Soviet prisoners of war, as well as children who were subjected to forced Germanisation.
Local projects which have a pilot character for other regions can also be supported.
Of special interest are digital formats for history education, the integration of social media activities, as well as multimedia formats which promote an active engagement with the themes and which facilitate an exchange about history independent of the location of the users.

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