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Invitation for an International Youth Meeting (14 -17 years old).

We are inviting a group of 42 young people from 7 countries to come for a five day meeting. Are you interested? Apply to come!

You will meet an interesting group of young people your age. They will have different backgrounds and experiences. Maybe like you they also have spoken out in the past, are active in an organisation or just full of creative ideas. 

What will you be doing? You will look at how young people experience diversity and discrimination in their surroundings – at school, in their sports club, in their communities. You will work on these topics in a creative way, and there will be a lot of games. Together we will discuss, what we can do to make more people think about and act against racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination. 

During the five days you will share stories and help us with ideas how we can teach about diversity and discrimination. Some of your ideas might be used for a website we will start developing in 2014. The meeting will be in English, so you will need to dare to express yourself in English but it doesn’t have to be perfect! 

Parts of the meeting will be filmed and you might get asked to speak in front of a camera.

You will need permission from school and from your parent(s) to come. And you and your parent(s) have to agree that the pictures and films we take can be used by us afterwards. 

The project will cover the costs for travel, meals and accommodation. You will need just some pocket money for the one day you will spend in the centre of Berlin. Most of the time we will be in a beautiful house on a lake at the outskirts of the city: the Wannsee Forum. See: 

Fill in the form and also write a letter of motivation that indicates why you would like to be part of this project and what relevant ideas or experiences you have. The deadline is

12th July 2013

We will let all applicants know by August 1st if they are accepted or not.

We hope to hear from you!

On behalf of the project team: Anne Frank House (The Netherlands), Anne Frank Zentrum (Germany), Center for Research on Antisemitism (Germany), (Austria), Milan Simecka Foundation (Slovakia) and the Polish German Center (Poland)


17-22 September 2013


Wannsee Forum
Hohenzollernstr. 14
14109 Berlin

Contact person per country

Austria: Maria Ecker, maria [dot] ecker [at] erinnern [dot] at

Denmark: Tali Padan, talipadan [at] gmail [dot] com

Germany: Veronika Nahm, nahm [at] annefrank [dot] de

Hungary: Andrea Szonyi, andrea [dot] szonyi [at] gmail [dot] com

Netherlands: Karen Polak, k [dot] polak [at] annefrank [dot] nl

Poland: Piotr Trojanski, trojanski [at] interia [dot] eu

Slovakia: Peter Leponi, lepo [at] nadaciams [dot] sk


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