Anne-Frank-Centre Berlin

The Anne Frank Centre provides materials, seminars and training for young people and adults in the areas of historical/political education and intercultural learning.

Izieu Children's Home

The website of the Izieu Children's Home Memorial offers information in English and French.

"Fascination and Violence": Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The permanent exhibition "Fascination and Violence" on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg addresses the causes, background and effects of the National Socialist reign of vio

Anne Frank House

This house in the center of Amsterdam was the hiding place of Anne Frank where she wrote her famous diary during World War Two.

Historical-Political Education in Teachers' Training

The publication under review is a compilation of 22 different contributions on the importance of the topic National Socialism and the Holocaust for the training of teachers in Germany and worldwide

Teaching About Genocide

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides five guidelines for teaching about genocides on

Holocaust Education in Hungary

Mónika Kovács, President of the Hannah Arendt Association in Budapest/Hungary, introduces different approaches of Holocaust Education in Hungary.

Holocaust Education in the Czech Republic

The attitude of the majority of the Czech population is a rather indifferent one toward the topic of the Jewish minority.

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