Research Project on Effects for Relatives and the #StolenMemory Campaign as an Educational Project

In another article, Anna Meier-Osiński together with Kamila Kolakowski presents the #Stolen Memory traveling exhibition, which focuses on personal effects and the life stories of their former owners. These personal effects are belongings which were taken away from prisoners in concentration camps.

Workshop: The Holocaust in the Borderlands: Interethnic Relations and the Dynamics of Violence in Occupied Eastern Europe

The Holocaust, though initiated by the Third Reich, was by nature a transnational phenomenon: the majority of its victims came from outside Nazi Germany, and its bloodiest sites of genoci

Tagung besorgt.konservativ.rechts. Interdisziplinäre Auseinandersetzungen mit neueren rechten Hegemoniebestrebungen

Die gegenwärtige gesellschaftliche Situation in Deutschland scheint so bipolar wie seit langem nicht.

Praktikum: Föderreferat des DPJW im Büro Potsdam

Wir suchen eine Praktikantin oder einen Praktikanten für einen dreimonatigen Einsatz im Förderreferat des DPJW im Büro Potsdam für folgende Termine:

Call for participation: Localization of videotaped testimonies of victims of National Socialism in educational programs

This workshop aims to connect international practitioners who work with videotaped testimonies of victims of National Socialism.

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